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The Employ Florida Marketplace is a powerful online labor market exchange tool specifically designed for employers, job seekers, students, training providers, workforce customer service representatives and professionals, and others seeking benefits and services.

Employ Florida

Employ FloridaJob Seekers - now Employ Florida Marketplace lets you search for jobs by a radius from your home zip code, and by city as well as by county, workforce region, specific metropolitan area or statewide. And the new Quick Search option remembers your search area so you only have to enter it if you want to look in a new area. New advanced job search features let you focus your search better than ever. An integrated Background Wizard / Resume Writing tool makes it easier than ever to create a professional resume and fine tune your job searches.

Employ Florida MarketplaceCurrent data available on the Employ Florida Marketplace includes a strategic mix of job openings, careerexploration, employer information, education, and labor market research information. Job seekers, students, or employers may click on the site whenever they need accurate data to make informed decisions on careers, training, wages, occupation searches, and resource recruitment.

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